(# 1 in Breed points in 2008)

We are located in Western New York, I am a breeder/exhibiter of AKC Champion Tibetan Terriers, in both confirmation and agility. I  am proud to be an AKC
Beeder of Merit and have recently been awarded the title of the Tibetan Terrier Club of America Register of Merit  Breeder.
I am also a member of the Kennel Club of Buffalo

NEXT BREEDING in February, 2021!

Thank you for visiting my website, Please feel free to call or email me about my Tibetans!
I also welcome people to come to my home, meet the dogs and play with the puppies.

"MAITRI"  means "being in a state of unconditional friendliness" in Tibetan.  
The AKC® is proud to recognize AKC Breeder of Merit participants who are dedicated to breeding beautiful purebred dogs whose appearance,
temperament, and ability are true to their breed.

These accomplished breeders are the heart of the AKC.
Betsy Richards
36 Nichter Rd
Lancaster, NY, 14086
(716) 681-2233

Located in the countryside of Western New York,   Maitri Tibetan Terriers is an AKC Breeder of Merit and a Register of Merit with the Tibetan
Terrier Club of America.   Temperament and health are the focus of breeding at Maitri.  Tibetans are all we breed.   My dogs live as companions in
the house with me not in a kennel.  We compete in AKC confirmation and performance events and to date, all breeding stock have achieved at
least their AKC title of “Champion”.   Maitri is a Tibetan word meaning “being in a state of unconditional friendliness”.     

My passion for the Tibetan Terrier started back in 2001, when I lost a very special dog, who I now believe was a Tibetan Terrier.   After grieving her
loss I started researching breeds, looking for one that looked like her and had her temperament.   What I found was the Tibetan Terrier.   I then
went searching to find one, knowing very little about purchasing a well-bred purebred dog.   I was fortunate to have a friend who is a veterinarian
and was able to locate a dog who had been held back trying to find a “show home”.  I had shown horses for over 15 years and I soon found myself
entering the world of dog showing with my first TT, Tashi, who became  CH Nameste Tashi Delek.  After this I was hooked!  I had a lot to learn about
showing but soon developed the skills needed to bring my dogs to their Championship  or Grand Championship on my own.
Soon after starting to show I became involved in the Tibetan Terrier Club of America (
TTCA), the AKC parent club for the Tibetan Terrier.    I have
the honor of being listed on the TTCA Breeder Referral list, which holds high standards for breeders.  Visiting their website  
TTCA-online.org  can
be a wealth of information!

Maitri does limited breedings annually.  All breeding stock are AKC Champions.   Before being bred parents have their hips certified as clear of
dysplasia with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), their eyes CERFed yearly and registered with the OFA.  They also have had DNA
testing for Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (NCL), Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) and RCD4 Progressive Retinal Atrophy .  No dog is bred that could
develop unhealthy puppies with any of these genetic  disorders.   Documentation on the puppies  parents  supporting  all of this testing is
supplied with the sale of a puppy.

Families are always welcomed to visit us to meet the dogs and puppies to make sure a Tibetan Terrier is the right fit for them.  Dogs are only sold
with a Contract for the protection of the animal and the buyer.   Both “Pet Dog” and “Show Dogs” are sold.   Puppies  are health tested, micro
chipped, wormed and had at least their first DHPP booster  prior to leaving to their new homes. Puppies are well socialized prior to leaving their
birthplace.   Litters are also registered with the American Kennel Club.    
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